Strange Fruit Testing #1: Paw paw

A lot of the fruit & vegetables they sell here in Australia is also available in Norway (such as bananas, apples, etc.), but some of the fruit here I've never seen before and in this category I'll try to give a quick review about them.

Earlier this week I was shopping and was thinking about buying a half pineapple(not the canned type), but then between the pineapples and melons a different fruit attracted my attention: the paw paw!

It seems a lot like a honeydew melon in shape. But there are a lot of differences when you inspect it more closer:
  • The stones are small and black. Looks a little like lenses.

  • The consistency is similar to the mango fruit.

  • It smells quite yucky (like in: you don't really want to eat me, do you?)

And the biggest difference is that honeydew melon tastes very good (unfortunately I'm allergic to it so I can't eat much of it..) and paw paw tastes um.. yucky :/.

You can find images of it here: Google Images search for paw paw.

Postet av: Egglsten john Peguin the 3rd

i luv apples coz they r green and have fuzzy faces and small arms that kill ppl...and paw paw trees

14.04.2005 @ 04:49

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