Rock Against Howard concert

Long time since I've written something here now, but I'll try to fix that tonight ;).

On 17. Septhember we (Lene, Solrun, Kate, Thorjan and me that is) was at the Rock Against Howard show here in Sydney. It was at the Metro Theatre.

First I did a stupid thing regards to getting the tickets. I had already ordered them at Ticketek, so I had to get them before 7pm that day. Unfortunately my Friday class is finished at 6pm so I didn't have much time (I left a bit earlier to get more time on me though :)). Um.. yeah the stupid thing. I was very convinced that the Metro Theatre was at the far end of George Street, close to where you can see the famous opera house etc. So I started of from house number ~600 and went/ran down to George st. 84. Woho.. but.. where was that Metro Theatre? I found a nice looking restaurant, but nothing close to the Metro Theatre. So I called Solrun who was at home and asked her if she could locate it. And I wasn't quite happy to hear that it actually is located somewhere close to where I first entered George Street (house nr. ~600). But I got the tickets at last :).

So, I got home close to 8pm and the show started at 8pm. But I needed some food first so I went down to Domino's Pizza a few metres away from Lydia(our house :)) and ordered a pizza. I waited something like 20min for the pizza and went down to catch it, but was it there? Oh no.. they had given it to someone else, claiming he was me or something like that. Good that you don't pay in advance at Domino's ;). End of that digression was that I got my pizza for free :).

Okidoki, we came to the concert place 10pmish I think and there was a break between the 1st and the 2nd show. I can't remember the name of the band, but it sucked bigtime. Very boring, and most of the other people I sow was half asleep too... They reminded me a _little_ bit of R.E.M., but a very poor version that is.

A quick break and then the 3rd band entered the stage. This was some hip-hop band, The HERD, which was quite cool, and the crowd woke up a bit. Sounded a bit like Moder Jords Massiva when they're playing more hip-hop music :).

And finally(for me!) Frenzal Rhomb entered the stage. Woho! Suddenly circle pits started and most of the people in the pit were jumping/moshing around :D. The floor was very slippery though, so I believe I fell down at least five times during the concert, but people were nice and picked eachother up again. Frenzal Rhomb plays some very fast & cool punk music.


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