Spring Break!

So, what did I end up doing for spring-break?

Well, let's check the list:

  • No plan at all - just see what happends from a day to day basis...

  • Invite my good old friends Johnny Walker and Jameson to my place for a week. Maybe mr. Baccardi also comes along?

  • Use the money originally planned to be spent on the Whitsunday trip to buy a surfboard and a wetsuit and go to some beach and surf for the whole week. And check out some pubs during the evenings.. would of course be a lot more fun together with more people.

  • Spend the week outside Kentucky Fried Cruelty and demonstrate against them :)

I ended up doing point 2, 3 and I came to Whitsunday :D (Wearing a KFC Cruelty t-shirt I did some of point 4 too!). Actually I bougth a surfboard the weekend before spring-break. Lene, Solrun and I took a day trip over to the beach at Manly Island.

Johnny-boy had to stay at home, but Jameson & Baccardi came along to Whitsunday with me for a couple of days with sailing and fun :).

I couldn't leave Monday because of some quite strange workshop as explained earlier. But I found out that I could fly at 0630am on Tuesday, catch a bus at 1030am from Mackay airport and be at Arlie Beach, Whitsunday at 1230pm and still have one hour before the boat left the harbour... so I did that. I'm always nervous when travelling and changing vehicles, because you never know if you reach the next vehicle or not.

Everything seemed quite nice until I came to Brisbane where I had to change to another airplane to come to Mackay. I had 30min on Mackay airport to get my baggage + find the bus to Arlie Beach, and suddenly the airplane from Brisbane to Mackay was delayed. Um.. I didn't like that, but there isn't much to do with it, except hoping the bus+boat would wait for me :). Finally the we could board the airplane and fly away to Mackay. Fortunately we landed close to 10am as planned and I was happy with the situation. I found the bus quickly (Mackay Airport is very small, close to Vigra Airport for people familiar with it), and after a two hour long busride I arrived Arlie Beach.

Had a lot of luck that day, so I found my friends quite quickly and after a little while we entered the sailing boat.

Um.. I've gotta get some sleep now so the rest of the spring-break story will come later. Some pictures are up on my gallery-page, and more will be added later. Ciao!


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