What to do during Spring Break?

In the last week of Septhember 'Spring break' starts here. That is, it should start. But one of my courses wants to have some obligatory workshop at 27. Septhember instead. Which doesn't fit very well to the original plan for 'Spring break'.
The original plan was to travel along with some friends to Whitsundays for a week. And included is sailing for three days. But since I can't leave Sydney until Tuesday morning (the workshop is finished at 9pm/2100) I doubt that I will catch that sailboat :/. I sent a mail today to the professor asking him if the workshop could be moved or if I could complete the workshop at a different date.. I'm looking forward to read a positive answer to that mail ;) But if he the answer is negative then I need to have another plan for what to do during 'spring break'. Here is what I've come up with so long:
  • No plan at all - just see what happends from a day to day basis...
  • Invite my good old friends Johnny Walker and Jameson to my place for a week. Maybe mr. Baccardi also comes along?
  • Use the money originally planned to be spent on the Whitsunday trip to buy a surfboard and a wetsuit and go to some beach and surf for the whole week. And check out some pubs during the evenings.. would of course be a lot more fun together with more people.
  • Spend the week outside Kentucky Fried Cruelty and demonstrate against them :)

  • Currently I'm thinking about nr. 2 from the list above. But let's see what happens... Oh I'm sooo looking forward to be finished with all *explicitives removed* assignments etc now :) Just a few months left now...


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