Hosting bugzilla with Microsoft IIS

Wasted a lot of hours this weekend trying to setup bugzilla on IIS. So, if I ever need to do that again I'd rather read this post then figuring out the issues again :).

Most of what you have to do is documented in the bugzilla docs. More information is given at One important issue which costed me many hours to figure out was how to run perl(cgi). If you follow the docs then you set the handler of ".cgi" files to be something like c:\perl\bin\perl.exe "%s" %s.

Two things with this:
1) As you quickly discover you need to remove the -wT part of the first line in all the source files. (thanks to VS.NET replace in files for fixing this job!). This is written in the docs, but I failed to read that first :).

2) You _must_ set the path to where perl will execute as well. With ActiveState this is done through the -x argument, such as c:\perl\bin\perl.exe -x c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bugzilla. If not perl will have c:\inetpub\wwwroot as it's current directory which breaks a lot of things.

My executable information for ".cgi" is the following c:\perl\bin\perl.exe -x[path to bugzilla] -WT "%s" %s

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