How to cook?

Just read a cool interview with Lindsay McDougall, of Frenzal Rhomb (was at a concert with them at Rock Against Howard in October btw which was awesome!). Seems like he cooks the same way as me: chop & mix some veggies etc and see what it ends like :) (But my dear mom teached me this "trick" earlier ;).

"June: I'm coming around for dinner to your place next week ... (thanx for the invite Lindsay!) what's on the menu .... ummm ..... can you cook or will it be takeaway again?
Lindsay: I'm not all that bad, actually, contrary to what most people would probably think. I had to start cooking when I went vego, living with my Dad there weren't many options. I'm pretty experimental in that I'll chuck a bunch of things in together and see how they taste. But I'm not really one for presentation, it often looks like a pile of filth, but tastes awesome." For the rest of the interview see

I guess I've never managed to follow a cooking reciepe completely. When I use a receipe most of the time when I get to the half of it (or earlier) I start to do something else :) The most interesting part of receipes are to see which vegetables etc they combine, because not all veggies mix as well together. And with such information it is easier to create a brand new dish :) I also use info from receipes as to how to prepare something, like avocado, for dishes. So... in a nutshell that is how I cook :)


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