Hi and welcome to my site! I'm Andreas Hber :)

Here is a little introduction about myself for people who don't know who I am.

My hometown is Aalesund, Norway. It's a town with approximately 40000 inhabitants, in the mid-west of Norway.

My current occupation is to study Computer Engineering. I've got a Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer engineering from Buskerud University College, and now I'm studying for a Master of Science degree in computers at Agder University College in Grimstad(also in Norway). A nice thing with Agder University College is that we can take part of the degree at some other university. So I'm taking my final year at the
University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia together with my friend Lene. Woho! It's very nice down here :). More about my life down-under to come in further entries.

Well, that was a quick list about my education. Besides taking degrees and such I actually also like to do other stuff(I guess you won't believe that by looking at my book-list to the right here ;)). Doing sports, watching movies, partys and um.. more things I guess is also things I enjoy doing.

Sports I've done in the past or still practice are: Soccer(at Aalesund Fotball Klubb), diving, greek-roman wrestling(at lesund Bryteklubb), skiing(cross-country, slalom) and snowboarding. Soon I'm gonna add surfing to that list, hopefully ;)

So, what am I gonna write about here? We'll see when the time comes. But a few things will be: what I'm doing here down-under, about computer development, maybe some vegetarian dishes(yeah, I'm a vegetarian) and various other things of course.



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